Rules Engine

If your workflow requires different actions to be applied to different kind of orders, then Order Desk’s rules engine is the solution you have been looking for. The rules engine is the core of what makes Order Desk’s automatic processing so powerful. You can do just about anything to an order based on any set of criteria you wish. Our rules are all chainable, duplicatable, and easy to manage. They’ll make processing your orders a breeze.


If your business relies on other suppliers for shipping, Order Desk can automatically split your orders by supplier and route the orders to the required dropshipper. Order can be sent one at a time via email or a csv file can be sent via email or FTP. We can even provide an interface for the dropshipper to send back tracking details so your process can be fully automated.

Shipping Labels

Our integration with EasyPost allows you to print your labels from virtually any carrier right from Order Desk for just 3¢ per label. There’s no monthly fee to use EasyPost and you’ll have access to the USPS Commercial Plus pricing for extra savings. Order Desk Pro users have access to our PrintNode integration which makes it simple and easy to print to your thermal printer.


The Order Desk dashboard shows your order trends at a glance when logging in. You’ll also have access to reports showing per-sku orders, order totals by date, and a handy picklist. Each folder can have its own customizable columns and you can easily get the total for a particular column across all the orders in the search, making it easy to get things like total tax collected or shipping charged over a certain time period. We also provide completely customizable reports that can be configured any way you wish.


If your credit card processor is supported, Order Desk can process full or partial refunds for your customers from directly within the application. You can also use Order Desk to capture pending credit card transactions. These events can even be tied to a rule like when the order gets moved to the Pending folder, capture the card charge or when the order gets moved to the cancel folder, attempt a complete refund. We support Stripe, PayPal, Braintree,, and many more.

Email Templates

The default Order Desk email template is already setup for you to send shipment tracking details to your customers but our templates are so flexible that you can use these to send dropshipping request emails, customer confirmation emails, or even a backorder notice. We use the Twig templating language which gives you almost unlimited flexibility to create a template as simple or as complicated as you like.


Order Desk’s API is available for Order Desk Pro customers to interact directly with their orders.  Insert orders directly, change an address, change a folder, or get the latest inventory numbers. Our REST-based API  is easy to use and allows you complete freedom to manipulate your orders in whatever way you need. See our complete API Docs for instructions.

Serious Support

We take customer support seriously. We are available to help you set up your account and get everything running smoothly. If you ever run into any hiccups or have any questions, we are just a phone call or email away. Our Knowledge Base also has many support docs which can help explain how Order Desk works.

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"They have been very responsive and have gone above my expectations. I think I tried every other integration company out there before Order Desk. I wish I would have found them first. Order Desk is the most flexible and cost effective."

Shane Doyon
American Fire Apparel